Backlinks are important if you want to achieve good ranking on any search engine. The best way to make them is to link to your website from the ones listed below. These links will give you much needed boost in rankings.

The major search engines, Google, Yahoo and MSN, include free links in their index. So, try to link to these resources when you are on the road. After all, a major search engine like these will not have a problem with linking back to your site.

Also, you can include links on blogs, social networking sites, forums and other websites which would allow you to gain some exposure on popular search engines. A good thing about blog backlinks is that you can easily track which ones are doing well and which ones need some work. Plus, you are assured of getting good backlinks from the blogs listed here.

Microsoft Word is a popular tool for people who write web content and blogs. When you include an embedded code in your text, Word will show you the results when you are using it on your website.

However, these authority backlinks will only do you good if they are directed to your website. So, try to get as many as possible.

E-mail is also a great source of backlinks. You can offer them in various ways, such as through e-mail signature files. Some other ways would be to invite the readers to sign up for your list or offer them some kind of incentive in exchange for signing up.

You should always link to your URL in your email signature. This will encourage the reader to click on the link, thus getting you a backlink.

If you are a blogger and would like to put some of your articles on other people’s articles, write a “Link to Us” link on the author’s page, and post a link to your own website. This will attract people to your website for more information.

Moreover, if you have blog posts on your website, you can write “link back” in the body of the post and also link to your url on the post page. In this way, you will get more backlinks. But, you should be careful to not do so without the permission of the original authors.

Forum posting and commenting is another way of getting good backlinks. Of course, you must put it in the forum bio and ensure that the name of the website is included in the title. In case you are unsure about how to make a link, you can use Google Alerts.

Finally, try to submit your article to media sites as well. For example, they would list your link on their websites and write about it.