The Versatile Polyester Fabric

Polyester is known to be one of the strongest fabrics you can find in the market. The first polyester fiber, known popularly as Terylene, was created in 1941.

It was introduced to the American public for use a decade later. To know more about polyester mesh you can visit

Soon it became the fabric of choice for the textile industry; an industry which was hungry for speedy results, high efficiency and convenience.

Polyester’s various qualities, such as sturdiness and wrinkle-resistance also increased its popularity among the masses.

Today, many workwear manufacturers mix polyester with natural fabrics to create long-lasting clothes. You can check the label on any ready-to-wear garment to find out the percentage of polyester used in the given fabric.

Polyester clothing manages to be smooth and almost silky to touch. Its fibers are either knitted or woven to create the cloth. Knitting maximizes its flexibility. It is a naturally bright fiber and can be modified easily for a variety of uses.

How is polyester made?

Polyester is created from polyethylene – the same product used to make plastic drinking bottles. A manmade substance is extruded through a spinneret, a machine that looks like a showerhead, to create long, fine strands of fiber that are stretched and twisted together to create a thread.

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