The capital of Austria, Vienna is one of the most visited tourist areas in Europe. The town has made its mark with its complex yet powerful structure. And the design isn’t only about the facade and its general appearance, the insides are adorned with colorful artistry, something which sets Austria apart.

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1. The Hofburg: Among the most well-known places to see in Vienna, the Hofburg is also referred to as Imperial Palace. Back at the erstwhile age, the palace served as the chair of Habsburg rulers. Even now Hofburg stands a sign of power and now the President of Austria lives here.  But some portion of its available to people, with cafes, restaurants and manicured gardens.

2. Schönbrunn Palace and Gardens: The former summer house of Habsburg dynasty, Schönbrunn Palace and Gardens has to be seen if you’re excited about glimpse into the background of Austria. The palace includes 1,441 rooms and every corner of the temples is adorned with commitment, depicting the fine artistry of this moment. This place isn’t merely historically recognized, but can also be called an architectural jewel.

3. St. Stephen’s Cathedral: This is also known among the best epitome of neo-Gothic fashion of architecture.  When you are seeing, simply climb 343 measures to reward yourself with magnificent views of the city.  The arrangement is over 700 years old, but it appears as it’s passed the test of time .