Do you grind your meat to save money on processing costs incurred when using a specialized meat shop? This activity can help you save money and can also give you a great sense of self-sufficiency. Continue reading to learn how to grind your own meat.

There are a number of steps involved in the process of grinding meat including preparation, to establish the proper grinding process, and the packaging and storage of the final product when the process is finished. You can buy good quality Meat Mincers in Australia & Premium Meat Mincer at Barnco Sales.

Prepare meat

The first thing you need to do is get hold of a good clean supply of pork, chicken, venison, beef or whatever type of meat you want to grind. You can buy meat from a local grocery store, get a firm, or rely on hunting to get the meat you need.

Once you have your diet, prepared by cubing it (cut into small squares of an inch) and wash thoroughly. The washing process will ensure that no dirt or debris is in the final product that is your lot of meat.

Configuring your grinding station

After preparing the meat and setting it aside, prepare your grinding station by arranging bowls, setting up your meat grinder, containers or bags that you will use.

Organize your grinding zone in a way that you will fill quickly and efficiently the process. You should be able to complete the process of an assembly line fashion. From a pile of raw meat in a sealed finished product, your process must flow seamlessly.

The grinding process

The real meat grinding process is the easy part. Your grinder should have a tray that is located just above the opening where the meat goes through the grinding chamber. This tray is connected to a tube that funnels into the grinding chamber where the meat is crushed and spit.