Traveling and exploring the world solo sounds scary, right? However, it’s not as many travelers love to travel solo giving them a chance to experience something different and awesome with unknown travelers. You get to do activities that you’ve never tried or eat something delicious at many popular eating sites. If you wish to travel the world alone and make friends, then read and consider these helpful tips and use it to your own advantage.

  1. During the Travel – A long hour bus or flight ride is one of the perfect opportunities to talk to the other person sitting next to you. Striking a conversation can help you to become best buddies with other travelers.
  2. During Trips and Activities – Doing trips and activities is another way of making friends. If you can get a hold of what the person likes, then you can come up with ways to do trips or activities with one another.
  3. During your Stay in Hostel – Travelers from all over the world come to live in a hostel over a hotel. Take the opportunity to talk to a traveler that you find interesting with a simple ‘Hello’ or question like ‘How are you?’. You will get to learn some interesting things about their customs, traditions etc. Moreover, hostels have bars which are another great opportunity and location to talk and make friends. You may end up playing a few drinking games too if the conversation goes smoothly.

If you’re going to stay in Canggu hostel in Bali, then these are the ways to making new friends.