Optical fiber has revolutionized the communication world. They help in the transmission of information without any distortion. Optical fiber is a very thin cylindrical fiber produced from plastic or glass, as thin as one-tenth of a human hair.

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Optical fibers use an optical phenomenon known as total internal reflection. When light is injected into the fiber out of the face, it’s restricted within the center without leaking out and losing its energy.

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Now you understand how optical fibers operate. So what’s a fiber optic connector and what is its role at a fiber optic telecommunication network?

  • Put it easy, a fiber optic connector’s purpose is exactly like an electrical power plug, it joins light from one part of optical fiber into a different part of fiber cables. 

  • Fiber optic connectors align two ends to finish so exactly that light may travel from one fiber to the following without bouncing off the port.

The same as any other connectors utilized in the electrical industry, electronics and computer industry, many distinct sorts of fiber optic connectors have been devised along with the progression of fiber optic communication market. 

You can find fiber optic connectors easily in online stores. You need to find a reliable supplier of network equipment online.