In a group of carbon steel, Corten steel and others react with oxygen to create oxide rust on untreated surfaces.

While in some normal carbon steel, the oxidation process may ultimately result in the conversion of the entire steel oxide further result in structural collapse, it is a different case in the design of Corten steel sculpture.

Additional alloying elements, particularly copper and chromium, which are being added to produce Corten steel push very solid oxide layers to take place on exposed surfaces. If you’re looking for corten sculptures, you can check out this source:

This incredible density hinders any penetration of more corrosive to the metal fabric efficiently and effectively.

Depending on the ambient atmospheric conditions affected the design of Corten steel sculpture, rust-rich oxide layer naturally evolved while not sacrificing the longevity of a work of art itself. This rusty takes about 18 to 36 months occurred; and somewhat aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

The recent Corten Steel Sculpture Design

Because the benefits of Corten steel sculpture in the design, use as in construction also presents a variety of challenges.

Corten Sculpture

Each builder must ensure that the weather welding points on the same level as the rest of the ingredients and may need special welding techniques and tools.

It should also take note that not Corten stainless steel by itself. If water is allowed to seep and accumulate in the open pit, these areas will be more susceptible to corrosion rate is higher.