Running without using running shoes was a trend which began around 10 years ago and continued for a couple of years. It grew to be extremely popular but faded away just as fast as it showed up. It had been dependant upon the concept that running shoes are not good for you and that running without them is much more natural and better for runners. There were a great deal of books published about this, plenty of websites promoting the claims and lots of social media activity proclaiming the supposed benefits. Nevertheless, what happened is that the benefits that were presumed for this never materialized for a good number of runners whom took barefoot running up and there was a very high exercise related injury rate in those who tried it. Runners before long went back to what they were experienced with and every one of the guru’s which commenced promoting barefoot running aren’t heard from.

There was no studies that barefoot running was actually any benefit. It turned out to be largely made up promises depending on anecdotes. After the scientific research got done it established that the many promises that got made up for it were exactly that, made up. The benefits over using running shoes are not there. Barefoot running is only different to running in shoes. Ever since the barefoot fad died off, there was a transition to a lot more highly cushioned shoes. It was the opposite to the novelty of barefoot and it too got called a fad. However, at the moment there isn’t any indication of that trend to the higher padded running shoes dropping off, so it will be most likely safe to say that it is not just a fad but a long-term trend. Running barefoot or with traditional running shoes or using maximal cushioned running shoes are just different. One is not superior to another and individual runners should have their personal choices as to what they like to run in and that’s alright.