Crane Trucks: Know How To Properly Use Them

The versatility of the crane truck and ease of use have contributed to many industries and made the choice of equipment for many of them. Crane trucks are used in construction, manufacturing and even in the transportation industries. Learning to use these trucks is imperative for all operators to get maximum productivity of this useful vehicle. 

Crane truck executives have a great responsibility for the safety of this machine to prevent physical damage to other objects and injuries to any worker or bystander. It is important to have an insurance coverage plan. An insurance provider will compensate for the majority of the expenses and damages ministered by these events. There are websites such as that provide all the necessary information regarding crane truck insurance.

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Training and certification

A person needs to meet the physical requirements and pass written and practical examinations. 

Controls the operator’s cab

There are generally two joysticks in the cab of a crane truck driver; one of the joysticks controls the horizontal or side to side movement and other controls of the joystick of walking backward and forwards. The pedals control the ascent, descent, and rotation of the arrow.

A more modern approach to operations is by radio control. The new controls allow the operator proportional to refine the movement of the crane by a switch controlled by the operator, who is not actually located in the cab but is actually able to be 400 feet from the machine.

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