Choose the Perfect Event Venue

Here are some factors to think first when choosing a place of the event.

Location, parking, accessibility

If the place of the event is too inaccessible, it has added stress for coordinators and guests. If people come from everywhere, it is better to have nearby parking nearby (preferably free). There are several ways around this, depending on the price range and location: valet parking, public transportation, shuttles, carpooling, and more. If parking will be a problem, look into which of these might work instead. You can check out the various types of event venues at

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Capacity, Size, layout, accessibility

These related considerations are also essential. The code location of the fire event and other safety considerations will determine how many people can participate, so plan accordingly. Even if capacity allows the number of participants expected, make sure it is not cramped or awkward for the planned activities.


Almost as important as the physical space is the atmosphere of the room. Guests can bring their own decor, but it is more work if the starting point is far from the mark. The event location has a kitchen that can be used. Many provide catering or have deals in place with private providers.

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