A Guide to Luxury Gold Coast Entertainment

For those who live in Chicago or are familiar with it, the term “Gold Coast” is synonymous with luxury. A house in the Gold Coast means a sense of taste and budget increase for the match so where you have to eat, drink and play when you live in the area? For residents and visitors alike, here are some highlights of the Gold Coast of Chicago.

Oak Street Beach – In summer, Oak Street Beach is not just a nice place to sit in the sun it’s also a great place to exercise, meet people, play sports and enjoy the outdoors. If you want to know about the gold coast entertainment then you can visit various online sources.

Ensuring that live near the coast throughout the year, you will have access to areas of the park and walking and cycling path that at the borders Lake Michigan.

The Charnley-Persky House – The Charnley-Persky House is a national historic landmark Astor Street right in the historic district of the Gold Coast. When you take a tour of the house, you can see the early work of the famous American architect Frank Lloyd Wright and Louis Sullivan in the house more than a century old.

PJ Clarke – PJ Clarke’s is a classic American bar is named after the famous Manhattan watering hole. Location Gold Coast offers an upscale version of the standard pub grub, drew a crowd of more mature than the sister location in Rush. Great for the drink after your work or for casual dining.

Party – The party is Gold Coast restaurant is open all day but is known for his breakfast. As the name implies, you are in for a filling meal at this point where they “work toaster for early Gold Coasters” from 08:00 on. Try the breakfast potatoes delicious side makes all the lunch choices better.

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